Why is my Unity different than the one in the Beginner Tutorial?

Hello lovely People,
So I want to study this and before I do so I want to try out a engine , I chose Unity , now when I look the Beginner Tutorial - the very first one - I already notice that the Unity in the video has this horizon and a Light scource , I dont hhave that when I start a new Project… all I have is a black backround or when I click on game its a blue background. Overall objects dont seem to color very well and Its hard to keep track of them as they dont show unless I give them RIDICulus colors.
would be nice If someone can help me set this interface up.
Best wishes!
L. Berger

if you look to the right in your list of objects,click on “Main camera” you can see skybox setting with options to add a texture or whatever you want to do under the camera.

right above the Objects list there is a button named create which brings a drop menu. pick a light. there are lots of them. play with them and find one you want.