Why is my unity game disappearing about 120 meters before I reach it?,Why is it that my project disappears when i get close to it?

Does anyone know why my unity game disappearing about 120 meters before I reach it?
No, it’s not an animation issue, as it’s doing this in scene view, when u can fly around and edit things in your game (You guys know what scene view is, sorry. I’m just irritated).,I’m positive I’m going to het a lot of answers about animation rendering distance or whatever it’s called, but I mean, like, in scene view, when I’m flying around my game, trying to edit things that disappear right before I get to it.

Just wanted to say that this question may look confusing cause i wrote it down, then i signed in and it gave me a clean slate, so i thought it was deleted.
The correct question is the top Question, and the top 3 lines.
Thanks, And Sorry.

More than likely you accidently hit the “compass”(I call it), that is in the upper right hand view of the Scene view(shows X, Y, and Z direction). Clicking on the center of this changes the perspective from Isosteric and Perspective, and you might just want to click that one more time :slight_smile:

Also, right clicking on the compass will give orientated angles(front, top, right, left, etc…), which can be greatly helpful when setting things up like Box Colliders.

So I’m pretty sure you’re just within the wrong view of Scene view… See if this helps! :)