Why is -nographics only available for Windows?

Is OSX and Linux getting this command or do only Windows players ever want to create headless games without GPU access?

I don’t have Windows nor do I want a Windows based PVS, does that mean that Unity is useless to me?
Am I actually forced to use Windows just for the -nographics command or will it be possible shock and horror to host a game server on a Linux VPS ? ? ?

Incredible thought I know… but it is true… there ARE people who don’t use Winblows… No really… I can prove it… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All joking aside though, I want to host a game server that I create with Unity (not Photon or some or other third party kit as I have tried a bunch of them and they just don’t meet my needs…!) I want a game I made using Unity networking acting as a server, running as a permanent process, running as an authorative server for my games but NOT running on Windows. Since it will be running on a VPS it means I need it running without the GPU and any kind of display…

Will this be possible in my lifetime at all?


This feature, using -nographics in the linux player, is also very important to us, for the same reason as the OP.

You are looking at the wrong command line flag.

What you are likely looking for is -batchmode, which creates a headless client that runs on a null graphics and null audio device.