Why is one BLANK scene 10MB, while another is only 600 KB? Do scene files retain past data?

Here’s what I did:

  • Created a blank scene. Started at ~600kb…
  • Added terrains, models, audio, code, etc… Now at 10 MB.
  • Days later, deleted all objects from that scene. STILL at 10 MB.
  • Delete GI cache, temp files, etc… Then restart Unity. Still at 10 MB (and still only a blank scene)
  • Then I create another blank scene and started at 600 KB, just like the previous one had.

So, why is the previous scene 10+ MB even when blank? When I add objects, the number goes up. When I delete objects, the number only decreases a bit.

I was told that the mininum scene size in Unity is 10 MB? Then why do all my NEW blank scenes come in the 600 kb flavor?

SO, I figured, perhaps I needed to add something to a new scene to make it go up to 10 MB. So I added all the objects that used to be in the previous scene, into the new one. Yet, the new scene only grew to about 3 MB.

The only difference betw. the old and new scene? The new scene is 10 minutes old. The previous scene is about a week old and had withstood tons of modifications along the way.

Therefore, it seems as if the scene files still retain data from its past edits. Is this true? Is there another explanation for this? No wonder my proj folder has is still at 15GB + even when I did a heavy object clean up in all the scenes…

Hello @ak0382nflakn309gn,

Delete Everything from the project folder except:

  1. Assets
  2. Library
  3. ProjectSettings

It will work for you.

Ankush Taneja