Why is Product.availableToPurchase true for inactive Google Play product?

According to the docs, Product.availableToPurchase “will be false if the product’s identifier is unknown, incorrect or otherwise disabled with the store provider (ie Apple, Google et al).”

I deactivated an in-app product in the Google Play developer console yesterday, but the corresponding Product.availableToPurchase is still true when UnityPurchasing is initialized. (If I try to purchase the product in the app, I get an error from Google Play saying the item is not available.)

Is this a known bug? Is it working correctly for anyone?

I’ve learned that this is actually a limitation of Google Play. Version 3 of the In-App Billing API does not provide any mechanism for an app to discover (without attempting to purchase) that an in-app product has been deactivated in the developer console.

Seems like this should be noted in the Unity docs, but it isn’t a bug in the Unity IAP system.