Why is Search on UnityAnswers so bad?

Search seems extremely weak. Just using Google gives far better results. It seems that Search only uses tags, and ranks by views.or something. Any Search for WebPlayer and another tag invariably returns as first hit an innane question that only has the WebPlayer tag before any other hits.

As SisterKy has discovered, tags are a mess anyway.

Let’s just get rid of tags and use Google.

(UnityAnswers.Search * 1000) < Google.Search

Agreed. Having a built-in Google Search into Unity Answers would be pretty sweet.
I guess that would render tags useless then.

We also don’t want to be putting SisterKy out of a job now :slight_smile:

We are actively improving search, and it is most certainly not based on tag search :slight_smile: We are happy to look into how we can better tailor it for this community if its possible. With the information available to the search index, we can and should do a better job of searching than Google for this particular dataset. Do you have some examples of a better ordering for results? Keep in mind that any search with just a single word is going to make it much harder to match things :slight_smile:

I just use google “site:answers.unity3d.com search query”

Like this: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=unity+answers#sclient=psy&hl=en&source=hp&q=site%3Aanswers.unity3d.com%20why%20is%20search%20so%20bad&pbx=1&oq=&aq=&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&fp=fdbe5bcf5e3c173e&biw=1098&bih=1051&pf=p&pdl=3000

Drat! I was online for 12h straight yesterday, but amiddst all my tags I miss out on all this action! Why didn’t you call me in? :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic...

I have to admit I’m rather puzzled that Warwick’s subjective perception tells him the tags are weighted too much in the search.

Because my perception is rather to the contrast. o.O

If you search for a certain word, you don’t even catch all questions with the particular tag…

Allow me to quote the bug-report-page:

  • Search reports more results than can be really found, or the “next” and numbered-page buttons are broken.

For example, search for ‘quest’ says 24 results.

Showing 15 per page, on 2 pages, but I cannot go to page 2 (using either the next button or the 2 button);

it gives “No query entered or no results found”.

  • include Tags in the Search

Searching for a word that is also a tag does not give all the questions tagged with that tag!

  • no posibility to search exclusively for Tags

  • Proper &&, !! and || Operators for the search.

Currently, when searching terms by adding +, jumping to the next page of search-results removes the +.

e.g. I search ‘+master +server’ to only get questions with both terms, on the next page all questions with ‘master’ and all with ‘server’ are displayed.

There is no way (not even via url; the + remain in the url but are not heeded) to look at any results except for the first 15.

(@Warwick: Have you ever tried the +Operator? From what I can tell it does a good job for the first page of results)

I think this last one is one of the primary problems of the search.
Properly acessible (working-over-several-pages and documented-right-next-to-the-searchbox) operators would improve matters considerably.

Next is, that when searching you have

no option to sort your results by votes


(one of the great merrits of searching for a single tag! That you can do exactly that.)

And connected to this is the then-next problem:

sort-by-vote exculsively looks at the votes for the questions but not the answers

. (at least that’s my impression?)

While I was retagging I found quite a few questions that had outspoken excellent answers.

But the question was often so bad that even though I know how the system works I couldn’t get myself to upvote such a bad question to promote the answer…

So how are people supposed to do it, who DONT know how things work around here?

having these answers burried is a loss to the community…

somewhat off topic...

As Warwick says… I think tags are currently quite a mess. But far from hopeless. And seriously: without them? No way…

What needs to be done:

  1. STOP people < 200 Karma from creating new tags! (at least that's what I *currently* believe to be a sensible hurdle. Maybe experience will teach a different amount...)
  2. when creating a new tag have a pop-up-confirmation 'We have currently [$tagCount] tags. Do you really need a new one? Less is more!' to prevent misspelled and 'I-feel-fancy-today-so-I'll-have-a-new-tag'-tags
  3. the aforementioned tag-search
  4. replace-spaces-with-dashes in tags (I nolonger think this would be as important if 1., 2. and 5. are heeded)
  5. have someone with tag-combination-powers do some cleaning...
  6. ((this is far less important but it really buggs me... if it's not too much work pleeeease)) order tag-lists in columns not in rows


I would like to use the opportunity to invite @mattdz and @hernai_dz in to take a more active part in the report-bug-thread

80 answers of pure feedback-i-good-ness =D (though admittedly messy… -.-)

I can tell that you are working hard to make things pretty.

(The make-ky-happy-button alone is proof enough for me! <3 )

I suppose it’s difficult to steal yourself the time to slack off in a thread to tell us what’s going on when you could use this time to implement cool new features instead…

But still I think it would be beneficial for the community if you let us in a little bit more on what’s going on. =/

If you don’t only hear us but also tell us our pleas are being heard. =) (thanks @mattdz for showing up in the thread today! )

Personally I would’ve probably been less on-edge if I had known my button was already this close to realization…

And maybe we can somehow help?

e.g. Since the events on the 27th&following, a good bunch of things on the list need an update.

Some bugs fixed and my retag-without-bump-button-of-SisterKy-happyness implemented =D… but also new bugs appeared… :frowning:

I repeatedly requested a re-wiki-fication of the question to do the nitty-gritty paperwork… but noone heard me :frowning:

(or wanted to hear me? For all I know…? =/ Am I annoying? )

@Meltdown ^^’ Not put me out of work… -.-’ well… I SHOULD be working on my aplication for an internship and just using this as an excuse to procrastinate… :stuck_out_tongue:


…this whole thing is giving me an idea…

Where can I apply to be hired as an intern to rework the tags on this page? :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Ky.

(PS: What’s up with the ‘untagged’-Tag? O.o …)