Why is terrain so bright after lightmapping?

I can´t really elaborate on my subject… When I do a light map on the whole scene, my terrain object is extremely bright and over exposed. with buildings I just go in and find the offending texture and adjust the diffuse colour darker…
(Whats the default for a diffuse colour anyway ; im using a bunch of different models from the Asset store and they all look totally different when combined in a scene, but look all look good in their own demo scenes.)

But my question is really, how can I work with he brightness of the terrain? Its a pretty long render to do a complete lightmap—



Go to Edit>Render Settings and set your Ambient Light color to black (write down what you had, and reapply it after lightmapping) and you should be fine, otherwise it causes double exposure!

Unity >=3.5.1:

"In Unity 3.4 realtime lights were not affecting static objects. In Unity 3.5 realtime lights always affect static and dynamic objects.

The result of this is that if you had previously setup your lighting to work around this bug, then you will now get worse performance as you will receive the lighting twice. It will also look different since your lights will be added twice to the scene.

The correct way to use these lights is to use a single auto directional light and remove the realtime only light.

If you wish to have different realtime lighting than static lighting, you should using light culling masks to affect only dynamic objects."


Im using Unity Free so no dynamic anything here… and no skylight from the lightmapper… so Im JUST lighting from a directional light (glad I got that right) and then the terrain is completely over-exposed… Am gonna investigate light culling masks, in case i can use that as a fix, thx for that hint…