Why Is The Animation Tab Of The Inspector So Laggy?

I just recently tried to animate something, so I selected it, then I went to the inspector and clicked on the animation tab, and everything got super laggy and then froze. After like 2 minutes Unity finally closed down and my entire computer had like 2 FPS. Fuck that shit. How do I get animations without Unity being a whore?

this is surely an issue as i have witnessed it a lot and even have seen lots of posts about it yet there is no answer or acknowledgement of it…

Still happening in unity 2019.2.8 (I believe that’s the version i have right now…not currently at home). It’s incredibly slow, I can’t stand it. Has anybody found a solution yet?

Even worse in 2019 LTS

Maybe you had some super heavy animation in that tab. Does it happen in empty project?

I can edit the laggy animations when I click the animation file, and edit it without any preview.
I deleted a missing parameter from my animation, and it’s not laggy now.