Why is the Portal not cutting out the pillar walls in Brackeys’ Portal tutorial?

The portal render that we see is showing the sides of the other portal’s pillars which isn’t what the tutorial had. If I turn to the left or right, I will see the pillars a lot and it will take over most of the Portal image. Even if I don’t turn, but just walk left and right, I will see the side walls. Does anyone know why this happens or what I did wrong?,I started working on the tutorial and now I’ve run into a problem that occurs when I rotate my camera. The other camera looks at the pillars of the portals and the scripts render that and don’t cut them out like they should. Also, if I just walk right or left, the pillars will be a huge problem because they take up most of what is rendered for the portal. Have I done something wrong? I checked my code and didn’t see anything off.

Hi @ZachCreates Brackey’s is an excellent site with a lot of great tutorials, but his portal camera implementation is a basic one.

If you want to understand what his camera is doing and how to overcome the problem, see this more advanced video from Sebastian Lague - this is not really for beginners but it should give you some ideas: