Why is the script rejecting me?

I am tryin’ to make a new java script to deactivate a car but it won’t let me! It says:
Script: C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Backup Car One 2\Assets\Kill The Car.js
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: Invalid Character
Code: 800A03F6
Source: Microsoft JScript compilation error
Am I doing some thing wrong? Is unity stuffing up? Or is it a 50-50 mistake? This is the script BEFORE I try to edit it:

#pragma strict
function Start(){
function Update(){

What am I doing wrong? It’s really frustrating!

Usually you get this error when characters above ASCII value 128 creep into the code. If this is the problem, you can get rid of the problem by deleting and retyping the line. Post the script that actually contains the error to the list, and someone on the list can verify the problem and the fix. The code above is fine (no ‘special’ characters).