Why is the velocity of a stationary 2D object not 0?

I created a 2D object with the default gravity system, and add the Rigidbody2D Component. The Gravity Scale is set to 10. I create the Tilemap and the object is on the Tile. I added the Collider 2D to stop the object from falling. So, it is completely still.
When I try to play, I realized that the velocity of the object is (0, 9.81), why? I supposed that it should be (0,0).

gravityScale is the degree to which an object is affected by gravity, what you are seeing in that velocity is the actual gravity (which is actually set in the edit=>projectsettings, not the actual RigidBody component).

You are basically giving this object (gravity x 10) by putting the scale to 10 I believe.