Why is there a performance discrepancy between LG G4 and iPhone 6s

I have a very simple infinite runner that runs perfectly smooth on my Android device, a LG G4.

However, if I run that same game on an iPhone 6s, there is a lot of stuttering in the camera.

For a game of this kind, that stuttering is just a gameplay killer, so I am looking for general answers as to why the same game performs way better on an Android device that’s equivalent to the iPhone 6s.

What problem does iOS have that might make a game not run silky smooth?

The code is as optimized as can be, and the cameras are rendering the same thing in Android and in iOS, no physics or expensive methods as Gameobject.find are being used.

SOLVED! admins, you can lock this thread.

To whoever had this problem, my solution was this:

Lock frame rate and use Vsync… that’s it. Apparently iOS has issues if you don’t use vsync, and android does not.