Why is there a watermark of my email address all across the screen on Unity Learn, and how do I make it go away?

When I start a course or project in Unity Learn, there is a watermark all across my screen of my email address. Is there a way to make this go away? It’s super annoying.

I guess this has to do with them opening Unity learn to everyone, they’re afraid people might steal their content or something. It’s quite distracting though.

If you look around in the HTML page you can notice there’s a canvas with a class repeat-watermark, you have to delete it.

Just make a quick TamperMonkey script set to work on learn.unity.com ( @match https://learn.unity.com/* ) that runs the command document.querySelectorAll("[class*=repeat-watermark]")[0].remove(); in order to automatically delete it, works like a charm. Happy learning!