Why is this ClientRPC not executed?

I am trying to sync some variables (Vector3 arrays and integers) over the network via a ClientRpc method in a NetworkBehaviour script. This script is attached to gameplayer prefabs which are created by unity on entering the play scene (I use a NetworkLobbyManager).

But the ClientRpc method isn’t executed. I have checked multiple times if I did everything right syntax wise and I looked through the manual and scripting API in search of clues, but I haven’t been able to come up with an explanation of why the method won’t fire. It looks like this:

public void Rpc_SyncBoardData(Vector3[] _team1BaseLocations, Vector3[] _team2BaseLocations, int _boardHeight, int _boardWidth)
        team1BaseLocations = _team1BaseLocations;
        team2BaseLocations = _team2BaseLocations;
        boardHeight = _boardHeight;
        boardWidth = _boardWidth;


This ClientRpc is called on the server only, from a MonoBehaviour class on another gameobject. That line looks like this:

localPlayer.Rpc_SyncBoardData(team1BaseLocationsArray, team2BaseLocationsArray, (int)boardHeight, boardWidth);

I have already tried a lot of things to see what’s wrong with it. I tried invoking the function without arguments and from the game player prefab itself, instead of another gameobject. I tried another ClientRpc method which also didn’t work. I double checked if I have a NetworkIdentity attached (I have and it is set to Local Player Authority) and if the script inherits NetworkBehaviour. Nothing fixed it.

What could be the problem here? Am I not seeing something obvious?

There is also a NetworkTransform attached to the game player prefab. Perhaps that affects the ClientRpc calls. Furthermore, no errors are raised so I have absolutely no clue.

I found out why it didn’t work. I was calling the ClientRpc method before the game player objects on clients were properly set up by OnLobbyServerSceneLoadedForPlayer. To fix it I just waited with calling the ClientRpc until after the start method was invoked on all client gameplayer objects.

How did you do that? LIke wait until start method invoked

would also like to know