Why is this happening? (gif attached)

So I have been trying to get moving platforms to work in 2d for forever now, and I just can’t figure out why this is happening, the moving platforms adopt the player as their child, and all seems fine until the player moves. I tried it out with only the most basic stuff (the standard unity character and scripts), and the player still moves slower on the moving platforms than the normal speed. See the two gifs attached for comparison, they are in the same time/frame rate… (sorry for the flashing images)


If anyone still cares, the answer is actually the in the interpolation settings on the player’s rigidbody. to anyone in the future who has this issue I recommend playing with that setting and making the platform set it to none or extrapolate, as well as adopt the player on collision.

A few ideas that you can try:

  1. Maybe there is some friction between the player and the platform, try check removing any physics material from the platform and the ground
  2. When you say “standard unity character” you mean CharacterController try use SimpleMove instead of Move.
  3. Try set the platform rigidbody to kinematic if not already