Why is this not giving me an offset


I’m currently trying to make a simple AI for a spaceflight game, and I want to “cap” how close the AI can be to the player, I made a script using the transform.position.magnitudes to make sure they didn’t get closer then the desired offset. However it aint working and I have absolutely no idea of why.

			if(-offsetfromplayer <= (enemytransform.magnitude - this.gameObject.transform.position.magnitude) && (enemytransform.magnitude - this.gameObject.transform.position.magnitude) < 0f){

movementspeed = 0f;

localvelocity = new Vector3(0f,0f, movementspeed);

offsetfromplayer is 50 by the way. Which means that -offsetfromplayer is -50.

As you can see this is when the magnitude difference is negative, and it is negative when I do the tests. I know that because I’ve got the magnitude differences show up in the inspector. So that is updating correctly, -offsetfromplayer also show up correctly in the console.
And that should work as long as the magnitude differences is between -50 and 0. Right?

The code you have is a bit confusing. magnitude is a property of a Vector3, not a transform, but you call your variable ‘enemytransform’. If it really is a Transform, you should be getting a compiler error.

But from a logic standpoint, this code is also wrong. Let’s assume that ‘enemtransform’ is a Vector3. If so, you find the distance between the two objects by:

float dist = (transform.position - enemytranform).magnitude;

So your code would be:

if ((transform.position - enemytransform).magnitude < offsetfromplayer) {
    movementspeed = 0.0f;
    lovalvelocity = Vector3.zero;