Why is unity free now?

When i got the indie license it cost a lot more than free. what caused the drastic decrease in price?

This Unity blog entry titled A free Unity? answers it pretty well, but here is a breakdown:

  • Unity Indie was a trivial percentage of their revenue
  • The users of Unity Indie were incredibly valuable to the community and very active in the forum and in creating tutorials and evangelizing the engine through their works. IE they are part of the Unity vision and shouldn't be excluded.
  • They want to increase the number of developers who choose Unity

Additionally, they went to great lengths to reach out to people who purchased Unity Indie to avoid making them feel like suckers. They offered full refunds to anyone who purchased it right before it went free and to the others they offered significant discounts to upgrade to pro if they desired.

It isn't easy making this sort of transition, but they clearly did their best to make everyone happy. In the end a free Unity seems like a very smart move.

One of the reasons I've heard is they want to compete with Adobe's Flash Player. In order to do so, however, they need to get more people to make games with it so that more people will have want to install the Unity Web Player. And what better way to get developers to use your product than to make it free?

200 dollars isn't trivial to me. That's how much I lost by buying it 10 days before the 60 day, 200 dollar refund period. I can't financially justify an upgrade to Pro.

After numerous emails back and forth with their sales department I sure feel like a sucker.

Sorry this isn't much of an "answer" but I've been dissatisfied with Unity's "answer" for a while now, which is essentially to spend more money to take advantage of their discount price for the upgrade.


Time is valuable, be sure not to spend more than 200 bucks in time writing complaints, just get on with it and you might find you are further ahead down the road. Some times you bite the dog, sometimes the dog bites you...