Why is Unity so great?

I just had to say this, it’s completely understandable if you think I’m weird for doing so. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Unity for about 4 months and Unity Pro for about 2. Every single day I get a deeper understanding for the platform, whilst getting deeper knowledge of what Unity Technologies already has prepared for us in this tool. As a former Adobe Director developer I get a great feeling every time I create a new script in Unity, knowing on beforehand that Unity will deal with every weird little action I come up with. Something that Director for instance lacks vastly.

Hats off for Unity Technologies, I hope they all live for 200 years minimum and become granted as gods in heaven. Cheers!

Because Unity is made of flying ninjas!

I like unity because it’s made out of thousands of aborted baby souls, sacrificed virgin blood and beheaded animals. What’s not to like?