Why is X-Code requiring that I re-enter Bundle Identifier each time I build?

Recently I changed my bundle identifier to line up with my final bundle identifier to begin testing Gamecenter implementation.

Unfortunately, everytime I build my app, Unity changes my bundle identifer to


In my info.plist.

This causes Xcode to be unable to hook up my provisioning profile to my app, and causes the following error:

Code Sign error: Provisioning profile 'PixelPigiPad Final App Profile' specifies the Application Identifier 'com.sgl.PixelPigiPad' which doesn't match the current setting 'com.sgl.PixelPig'

When I manually change my bundle identifier back to "com.sgl.PixelPigiPad" the game builds just fine.

I am guessing that somewhere Unity is Changing my "PRODUCT_NAME:identifier" to just "PixelPig"

The problem is, I'm not sure where this is happening since my Player Settings are showing the correct Bundle Identifier: "com.sgl.PixelPigiPad"

Any ideas?

You can fix this by rebuilding to a new folder...

1.) File -> Build Settings
2.) Select Build & Run
3.) Just pick a new folder.

Unity will now correct the Bundle Identifier.