Why isn't dynamic batching working?

I have a scene with a Mesh that has 183 vertices (from the Unity statistics window) and when I duplicate it, it creates another drawcall. They all use the same material and nothing is being instanced. Is there anything else I need to do to get dynamic batching to work? I thought the only conditions were the mesh needed < 300 vertices and they shared the same material.

Just to close this here's some other things to check for why dynamic batching isn't working:

1) Check the UV's on the model, if something has 60 vertices and somehow 300+ UV's mapped it's probably not going to batch

2) Check how they're layered, if the two objects that share the same material have another object with a separate material layered between them, it has to break it up into another draw call

3) Check if a material is instanced, if so it's not going to dynamically batch. (If you modify a material directly through script it makes it into an instance)

2) the batch gets split only if the batch uses alpha transparency

How to Make Objects Dynamically Batch in Unity

they must share the same material

the material must not be instanced (check material name in debug inspector)

batching is applied only to meshes containing less than approx 900 vertex attributes in total (check mesh properties for some idea about this; for starters turn off normals & tangents to reduce it)

the textures must not include alpha

scale breaks batching

lightmaps break batching

multipass shaders break batching

layering other objects in between objects trying to batch can break batching

if you are instantiating the object in code, you may be instancing the material; try re-applying the material asset through .sharedMaterial

even within single-pass shaders, some can batch higher vertex attribute counts than others… in particular if you use a shader that colors vertices you’ll be adding attributes