Why isn't "Gui.skin" working?

var MyGUI : GUISkin;
var start : Texture;

function OnGUI () {
GUI.skin = MyGUI;
GUILayout.Button( "Main Menu");

if(GUI.Button(Rect(200,100,150,30),start)) {

I'm mainly just trying to get the "Main Menu" part to have a custom background, and I cant seam to get it. It just remains the default button background. I made sure to apply the GUISkin in the inspector, what am I missing here?

Have you changed the button background texture in your skin via the inspector? A GUI skin object starts with the default textures.

Ah! I'm so stupid! In the Inspector, I dragged the GUISkin onto the var of the script itself, but it needed to be on the object the script was applied to.