Why isn't my collider registering collisions?

So I’ve tried this with isTrigger on and off. I’ve got a script on the object in question that’s just

void onTriggerEnter(Collider other){
	Debug.Log("Collision happened!");

void onCollisionEnter(Collision collisionInfo){
	Debug.Log("Collision happened!");

And they never trigger, even as my objects slide helplessly through each other. Here’s the collider set up on one of them, the other is identical.


I figure I must be doing something obvious wrong, but hell if I know what.

There are no functions called “onTriggerEnter” and “onCollisionEnter” (check the capitalization). Also, see the collision docs (specifically the chart at the bottom) for what collides with what.

This is because both the objects are kinematic… Kinematic rigidbody colliders does not detect collision with other kinematic collider… See the table on the linkl : Capsule Collider Doc

Do you have a rigidbody attached to at least one of the colldiers?

“Note that collision events are only sent if one of the colliders also has a non-kinematic rigidbody attached.”

“Note that trigger events are only sent if one of the colliders also has a rigidbody attached.”