Why isn't the text centered in my game screen?

Hi everyone,

I put some text in my scene for a main menu.
When i go to the game screen, the text isnt centered but is on the right…
How do i fix this?:

Could this be to do with you camera position in scene?

Because it looks like in the inspector the position is not 0,0,0?
I think -1 through 1 are the coordinates for text

You’re using 3DText objects (that’s what the TextMesh component is.) Those are placed in the game world, as if they really were giant signs. Nothing wrong with that, but the camera has to be aimed at them, be wide enough, they have to be angled to face it… .

For example, you can “walk around” them in scene view. They are good if you want to make something appear to have a real label stuck onto it.

Many people instead use GUIText’s for GUI-like text. Those are pasted directly onto the screen (always using 0-1 coords) and don’t care where the camera is aimed.