Why Lightmap disappear when i press Play ?

Hello , i have a VR project of a house and recently when i press play to test it lightmap disappear and object become dark. When the light is set to Realtime only there is no problem, but as soon as i check baked lighting and i bake it (auto bake is turned off) when i press play it disappear.
Recently things that maybe cause the issue : i recently duplicate the scene and delete the old one , i move the project from one pc to another and i have setup multiple object with lightprobes component ( they are connected so they should not be the issue). After the bake they are correclty applied to the objects, the problem is when i run the project.
Plugin installed : substance for unity, steam vr and vive input utility.
Thank you for the help.

Ok i have found the problem. When duplicating a scene with lightmap there should be some issues.
Now i have duplicating all the object in the scene to a new scene and the problem is gone!