Why mass not affect fall speed

I adding mass to my object to faster falling down. But its not affect the object. For faster falling down I change gravity from Physics settings but all game is affected. It always falls at the same speed when I drop it from a height and change mass. Doesn’t it affect the mass fall?

An object’s mass does not affect the speed at which it falls due to gravity. To change the rate at which an object falls due to gravity, you will have to either make a global change to gravity, or independently calculate gravity for the object through code. You can do this by setting the Y velocity of the rigidbody to any number (negative to fall, positive to float).

All objects fall at the same speed regardless of mass. In our world objects fall at different speeds because of air resistance, which you can set in the Rigidbody in the field Linear Drag.


Mass will never affect falling speed of objects, unless we think about friction force. Why? Because it’s how real physic works, and I believe you’ve learnt about it, or heard something like Galileo’s Acceleration Experiment.
Back to the topic, the way I usually use to change falling speed of specified objects is to turn their gravity off and adjust their velocity in FixedUpdate().

 private void FixedUpdate()
        //  Adding custom gravity
        if (affectedByCustomGravity)
            Rb.velocity += customGravity * Time.fixedDeltaTime;