Why Mathf.Lerp dosen t work correct?

I want to make steering sistem based on Input.acceleration.x movement and I need to have sensitivity of movement but when i use Mathf.Lerp"(float a , float b , time)" time section when I decrease it to go slowly on point limit the movement under my limit variable

public void SensorSteer()
        m_steeringAngle = Input.acceleration.x*maxSteerAngle* SteerSensityvity;
        m_steeringAngle = Mathf.Lerp(Input.acceleration.x, m_steeringAngle, SteerSensityvity);

        m_steeringAngle = Mathf.Clamp(m_steeringAngle, -maxSteerAngle, maxSteerAngle);
        frontDriverW.steerAngle = m_steeringAngle;
        frontPassengerW.steerAngle = m_steeringAngle;


Lerp has to be done in a continous method like update for it to work, (plus you need to multiply the time with Time.deltaTime in the Update() method, else it’ll be an almost instant transition with high enough framerate