Why multiply a vector by -2?

The code for the PhysicsCharacterMotor included with many of the example projects has this expression in the AdjustToGravity() method:
Physics.Raycast(rayStart, transform.up*-2, out hit, 3.0f, groundLayers.value)

My linear algebra is very rusty so forgive me if this is obvious, but why would one need to multiply the up vector of the transform by -2, wouldn’t -1 have the same effect (meaning down) assuming that the vector is only being used as a direction? Perhaps this was a mistaken attempt to move “past” the bottom of the character when starting the ray, but was never corrected when the more elaborate layer trick was employed as the code currently manifests?

Again, please go easy on me if this is a silly question. :slight_smile:

Indeed, with a direction there is no reason to multiply by -2. It should ideally be written as “-transform.up”.