Why my 3D models looks different after importing from 3ds max

Hey guys
I started learning 3ds max recently and I am having a problem Whenever I try to import anything from 3ds max into unity
and the problem is that the mesh it self looks nice in 3ds max but when I import it into unity for some reason random edges will start appearing or they are just off placed.

here is an example and I want you to pay attention to all the different edges on the table and chairs:

now look at this:

all the different edges are completely ruined and you can clearly see that the table is even missing the top part for some reason and just all the edges looks completely different

I am using Autodesk 3ds max 2016 and I have tried it with different versions of unity and it is always the same.

I feel like it’s a dumb question but as I told you before I am new to 3ds max and I will definitely appreciate your help guys

BTW the two materials I used in this model didn’t look correctly, too.
and I had to redo them again inside unity.

In 3D modeling programms you ussually get to see normals from both their sides.However in unity you only render one side of a normal(face) so the top of the table is missing due to an upside down normal.

what file type are you exporting? .fbx/.obj? … try the opposite

is the table just modeled from a cube? or a plain? (cubes generally less problematic)

though everyone seems convinced it’s the normals so i’d go with that.

good luck,

It is definitely the normals as mentioned before.
Unify or flip the normals in Max and reexport.

If you keep seeing this on random models you are creating, there might be something you can modify with your workflow/pipeline to keep this from happening in the future. This is not common to see this on models created in Max.

Are you by chance using the ACS (?) auto cad shapes from the extended primatives tab? Or maybe importing these models from autocad or other source?

Max doesn’t flip faces just by happen stance randomly. The only time I’ve seen Max have a problem with normal direction is when the modeler uses spline based surface tools or nurbs to create smoothed hard surfaces, but as long as the artist knows what hes doing - he can control the normal direction, when the normals get flipped. This is normally caused by the bezier curves of spline or nurbs objects not being oriented correctly.

What does the modifier stack look like for the table?