Why my account was blocked without any explanation?

Suddenly I got a letter:

Unity Technologies
Your Account: ................. has been suspended and you can no longer access the Unity Services.
Please contact support here if this is a mistake.
The Unity Team

YES, I tried to contact the support, of course. Many times. No answer. I opened several tickets but i can't get into conversation since they blocked my iD. I wrote them on reddit = same ignoring.
Why? I lost a lot of money because of this. I have never seen such attitude before. Can't even imagine your account could be blocked without any explanation...
I couldn't log in to this forum also. So i registered a new ID and wrote this message.
May be Unity will find a second or two and give me some support with this?
Do they have a telephone number or physical adress?
Very strange situation...
Thanks anybody who can (and will) help!

Your ticket #1224522 has been created.
Your ticket #1224427 has been created.
Your ticket #1223769 has been created.
Your ticket #1219436 has been created.

that are all my tickets i started but can not enter them. My email is empty.
I write to this forum under new ID.


I'm very sorry for the trouble you've experienced. I have reached out to our fraud team. I will update you as soon as possible once we have an answer.

Thank you for your patience!

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The problem is totally resolved. Unity team is on their best! Thank you, guys!