Why my door wont open

I have been trying to get just the first part of a door to open in Unity, and cannot get the pivot to work as described in many tutorials. For example the first 30sec of this tutorial: [Unity 3d tutorial] Triggering a door animation from mouse click select - YouTube shows a simple cube door and cube Pivot. The problem is, when I make the Door a child of DoorPivot, DoorPivot does not rotate around the position of DoorPivot, but rather appears to rotate around an average of the center of the DoorPivot and Door. I can sort of get the desired rotation by placing the pivot way off to the side of the door, so the avg position of the combined objects is in the location of the desired pivot. How do I make the Door rotate around the DoorPivot object as described in the video above and every tutorial I see?

Set the Tool Handle Button to Pivot.