why my game just splash !

i made a simple project from one scene with a character moving left and right & collecting coins , every thing is ok , till i connect my device :

first : i cant make “Build and Run” , it tells me ther is no device connecet but i connected one and it showes as storage mass.

Second : i try “Build” only the apk file and then put it on the phone and set it up using the file mager , and when it opens it gives me the splash screen only !! and get out of the game…

am sure ther is no error in codes but also am sure ther is something missing , and it is my first time to publish on this device

am using “Android OS” , “Samsung galaxy s 2” , “Unity 3.4.2” and Win 7 x64

i found a solution :

  • install JDK for 32bit not 64bit as my Unity is 32 bit
  • re-install the unity itself

now it is running :wink: