Why my game project is not working (static)?

I’ve finish and build my game into .exe file.

But, why now when I open the game project then i click play button in unity, all assets game is not working. Animations and scripts are not working, when I build again to .exe file it also stop. Only sound background still play. Button to changes scene is still working, but all my scene also not working.

When I play my game in unity or play .exe it looks static. Sub menu display is not working, all animation is not working, and also including my game play it also not working. So, all scene in my game cannot play anymore, including game play. :frowning:

this is a sample when I play in unity, the animation is not working (static).

Why all my scene, animations, script are not working?
How could I fix it?
Please help me T.T

Please check for Time.TimeScale = 1. If it is zero you should get hang up behavior.