Why My imported OBJ in Unity 4.21 always now are See through and import laying down?

I recently switched from 4.1.5 to 4.2

It’s awesome except i’m having problems importing OBJ files.

For example a DAZ 3D V4 which i was able to import fine in 4.1.5.

Now in this new version, when i import her it’s weird her body has this weird mutating see through visual effect, also the textures don’t work even though i have collected textures and an MTL file too.

And another interesting thing is for some reason now when i load the OBJ to viewport, it is laying down on its back… it’s not standing up. what’s up with that?

I’m macos x user with unity 4.2.1

The “see through” you’re probably talking about can be solved by recalculating the Normals in your 3D content application.
The rotation being inconsistent is due to different Coordinate systems.
alt text

I don’t have any knowledge with DAZ but in to solve this problem you most likely rotate the object 90º in DAZ then either,
apply that rotation then rotate -90º and export or you can export and rotate in Unity.