Why my Physics.Processing takes 100ms? Here are my scene stats.

On unity 2023.3.48f1, in editor, and in windows build, havent tested anything else.
Here is profiller screenshot:

Here are physics stats:
What is taking so much time? How to investigate?

Here is another screenshot:
What's going on? What is taking 54ms in Physics.Processing?

I'm not on the 3D physics team but one observation here is that the PlayerLoop is calling FixedUpdate twice so anything (including) physics runs twice so that figure at a guess would be half that but yes, still a lot of working going on if it's all static colliders only albeit a lot of them. I did see a Kinematic so not sure what that is about, presumably a character? It's not overlapping lots of these statics is it causing a lot of work? Just guessing really.

FixedUpdate is trying to maintain the rate given the circumstances.

Just an observation though! :)

Ok so here is more information:
- there is one character controller in the scene that I move with Move
- here are timestep settings (I tried to lower them):
- the problem does not seem to corelate to the number of colliders, because in the next frames I can see it takes 1ms:
See the image above, it seems there is no corelation between number of statics and framerate.

So far I would really kindly ask you (I mean, anyone from Unity) to tell me what is taking that 50ms so I can optimize. I can't optimize if I don't know what's taking so long, I have many processess running that are highly optimized already with profiller...

Some more information about my use case: I am creating my scene on the fly, but everything is pooled, well, maybe except the mesh collider verts data. Is it possible that SOMEHOW activating a gameobject with collider causes this spike? Or setting mesh collider tris? But please note - the spike comes from Processing, not from gameobject activate, not from mesh cooking, etc, etc, etc.

I have also tried to change some broadphrase settings, no luck, all the same

No idea, as I said I'm not really a 3D physics dev. The views you're posting just back the time you say, they don't offer any actual additional information really.

There's a bunch of threads such as this one: https://discussions.unity.com/t/828399

Some seem to indicate specific reports where it was time reported waiting on thread jobs due to "weaker hardware". I presume that kind of waiting would be clearly shown in the CPU timeline view.

Again, I'm just the messenger here. :)