Why my rigid body with character controller is falling through ground?

Why? I am sure that collider for ground is set up properly, because it works fine with capsule collider on character’s part, but character is falling through ground when character controller is used. I need some features that only Character Controller can offer me such as checking if object is on ground (for jumping), but with it falling through ground…

okay, the thing is - they CHANGED how the CharacterController works in Unity 4.

You don’t need a rigidbody on it anymore. In fact if you just have to have the rigidbody on it - make sure it has it’s “Is Kinematic” option turned on or at least has the “Use Gravity” option tuned off. Because if you won’t do that the rigidbody will literally “fall” your character down no matter the colliders.

Because your character controller and ground both have colliders. If 2 colliders are overlaying each other, Unity ignores them (right?). To fix that, just drag your character controller a little by Y axis up.

I don’t know if you have the same issue I had, but when I had adjusted my character controller I accidentally moved the Graphic away from the Controller. So even though the Graphic (capsule) was above the ground (and I moved the camera as well), the Controller was still below the ground.

Even after I fixed it I still saw weird behavior with the Graphic not adjusting to the current height of the Controller. After I removed the First Person Controller and re-added it, I made sure to adjust the Y axis of the Controller itself, and the issue was resolved.

Are you using a Blender Model? If you are make sure that you checked the “Generate Colliders” box.