Why my Rock Meshes are invisible in the scene and visible in the game?

After updating Unity to 3.2 i can't see my rock mesh details in the scenealt text, but if i hit the play button, boom they are all there, this is very troublesome because i can't see where i'm painting!

try to calculate the normal in your 3D modeling program, there may be some problem with the new unity, you can also try to export your file to FBX and import it into Unity.

The problem was fixed by clicking in the markedalt text icons.

sometimes, when painting on a large terrain, the terrain vegetation disappears while painting, and reapears when you stop painting. And Even rarer, sometimes the vegetation doesn't reappear immediately, but only when something causes the vegetation to be recalculated (eg, painting again, changing the lighting, ...)

Maybe you had a similar problem ? In that cause it's nothing to worry about.