Why my second NavMesh Agent can't find the NavMesh?

Hi All,

I got this room with a NavMesh baked; It’s an apartment so i got everything you can find in your own home.
With the Humanoid Agent Type of the NavMesh Agent all it’s ok and my player move fine.
I tried to create my own Agent Type callied “Owner”. I tried to set it a little bigger than the humanoid one. Then i assigned to the AI component the Owner Agent Type and when i’ve press play Unity sent me back a message saying that it’s not possible to build the agent type because it’s not close enough to the Nav Mesh. The player and the AI are in the same layer and the same Y but player works and AI no. If i assign the humanoid type to the AI it works fine (but the measures are not correct).
If i retry to set the Owner agent like the humanoid one and then bake again the Owner doesn’t work.
Can someone help me?

You need to bake a separate NavMesh surface for Owner as well, because it is a different agent type than Humanoid . Please see the documentation here https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-NavMeshSurface.html .