Why no sound on Android

My application works OK on editor.

  1. But when test in android emulator there is no sound at all.

  2. Then I guess maybe its the limitation of emulator. SO I generate a build (device filter also is “emulator”) and install it on Samsung Galaxy S, it can run but has no sound same as running on emulator.

  3. Then I guess maybe device filter should change to ARMv6,v7 to run on mobile. So I generate 4 builds, ARMv6 with Open GL 1.x, ARMv7 with Open GL 1.x, ARMv6 with Open GL 2, ARMv7 with Open GL 2. All of they can be installed, but can’t run. Error msg "Application was unable to load optimized libraries (possibly because your hardware does not fully support this application). It will run in ‘compatibility mode’, with audio disabled "

I am now very frustrated and want to throw out my computer and plug bones out of my body. Anyone know how to solve it?

The problem just somehow fixed itself.