Why PolygonCollider2D raise its size in the built game (Android)?

Hello there,

I am facing an annoying problem with PolygonCollider2Ds. When I am in Play mode it works as always, the polygon colliders fit the sprites almost perfectly, but when I then build the game (Android), things change. The colliders become much bigger than the sprites.

What happens and how can I avoid this behaviour?

I understood that during the editing, polygon colliders are smarter than in the build. What I mean is that in edit mode, they recognize the shape of the sprite and try to fit as much as possible. Instead, in the build, they mostly fit the actual size of the sprite. I tried with a sprite with a large empty space around it: in the editor everything was fine, but in the built game the collider will surround a big part of the empty space (like if it doesn’t recognize anymore the sprite).

Any way to solve this and keep what’s in the editor even in the built game?