Why reducing material friction doesn't make static rigidbody move with gravity

I was playing with the physics and made a long box collider with 45 degrees of rotation, placed a smaller box and let it slide with gravity. Then I placed a slider that changed the friction of the material so it goes faster or slower. I noticed a strange behaviour when I maxed the friction and the small box stopped sliding I went and decreased the friction but the box doesn’t resume its movement. Gravity is still affecting the rigidbody, why it doesn’t fall again? Solved it temporally with isKinematic = true, then isKinematic = false. For some reason the box remembers that gravity exists that way. Still is someone can tell me a reason for this behaviour I’ll appreciate it.

The rigidbody entered the sleeping mode. This happens when the velocity is below a threshold. A sleeping rigidbody wakes up when receiving a collision or a force.

You may wake up the rigibdody by calling the Rigidbody.WakeUp method.