Why script does not working after Unity Update?

Hi guys.A few days ago I update to unity 4.2 so that I could put my development builds on android devices.This however created a problem.

The thing is that I had written a script that moves a platform along the x-axis.Then I copied it and made it work only for the y-axis.This was fine in the older version,but since the update one of the scripts doesn’t work causing only one platform within the whole level to not move.
Yet everything else works just fine including the original script.

I was wondering if there is anyone who has experienced a similar issue or has any idea how to possibly fix the issue?

Hints and suggestions are welcome and if clarity is needed feel free to ask :smiley:

None that I am aware off,but
I got it to work in the end.Turns out I was missing a minus sign within the if statement.

Thank you for the inputs :smiley:
The debugging is quite handy thing to use in general.