Why SetFloat method seems not to affect the value within a Material Property Block?

Hello there. I’m trying to figure why the SetFloat method doesn’t seem to change a float contained within my custom shader. Here’s the code

    foreach (var r in renderers)
        var id = r.gameObject.GetInstanceID();
        var tag = r.gameObject.tag;
        DrawingSettings drawingSettings = new DrawingSettings();
        drawingSettings.overrideMaterial = mat;
        mpb.SetColor("_ObjectColor", ColorEncoding.EncodeIDAsColor(id));
        mpb.SetColor("_CategoryColor", ColorEncoding.EncodeTagAsColor(tag));
        mpb.SetFloat("_OutputMode", 1.0f);
        Debug.Log("Output mode set to: " + mpb.GetFloat("_OuputMode"));
        drawingSettings.SetShaderPassName(0, new ShaderTagId("DepthOnly"));
         drawingSettings.SetShaderPassName(1, new ShaderTagId("SRPDefaultUnlit"));
         drawingSettings.SetShaderPassName(2, new ShaderTagId("Vertex"));
         FilteringSettings filteringSettings = new FilteringSettings(RenderQueueRange.all);
         context.DrawRenderers(cullingResults, ref drawingSettings, ref filteringSettings);

Debug.Log always reports “0” value, despite I set “_OutputMode” to 1. Any ideas?

"_OuputMode" is not "_OutputMode"

Ok, thanks man! I’m deeply sorry for the typo! Now the SetFloat property works, however, the output of my shader is not affected. Here’s the code in HLSL:

In few words, I would like that my objects should be rendered with two differet type of colors, depending on the value assumed by _OutputMode. However, the code seems not to respond, always choosing as a result _ObjectColor.

    			float4 UnlitPassFragment (VertexOutput input) : SV_TARGET {
    				float4 result = _ObjectColor;
    				if(_OutputMode == 0.0)
    					float4 result = _ObjectColor;
    				else if (_OutputMode == 1.0)
    					float4 result =  _CategoryColor;
    				return result;

Properties are declared as it follows:

	Properties {
		_ObjectColor ("Object Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1)
		_CategoryColor ("Category Color", Color) = (0,1,0,1)
		_OutputMode("Output Mode", float) = 0.0