Why Shank 2 looks like 3D visual ?

I heared that shank 2 is 2D game ,why does it look like 3D visual effect ? i know it use parallax background. but i don’t know the player is 2d sprite or 3d model ? still don’t know the box is 2D sprite or 3D model ? i think all the object create by 2D Engine, like collision detection is 2D physic engine. but i still have a trouble when shank pass through the box , but he can hit the box . if the box with collider2D , why dose he can through it ? if the box has not collider component, why he can hit the box ? i take some pic about the problem . hope some can help me ?
alt textalt text

The Answer is simple you can set the box Collider to be a trigger , if you check “is Trigger” then you can hit the box and add damage to it and walk through it