Why size of asset is much larger in preview window ?

Why is the size of an asset that is showing in the preview window much larger than the actual file size ?
Any help on this would be highly appreciated.Thanks.

Screenshots attached below :-

File size shown in unity preview window:-


Actual file size:-


I personally don’t know, but I just ignore it.

If it helps you,
Think of it how I would answer your question

When imported to unity, it has to apply all these components like “true color” and all that, when it applies this, that’s the final income.

Also because of the size and the things you are choosing to view.

I do believe that you can’t fix it.

I’m not sure about Mac, which offers some UI adjustment that may help.

On Windows you cannot change the size of the Assets panel thumbnails. However, you can show them as a list, which lets you see their names, which may help.