Why size of my game increase by passing the time when I run it ?

I have made a 3d endless runner game for education purpose. For platform generation and other obstacles in my game I have used Object pooling techique. The problem arise when I run my exe version of game in my computer. At first it just only take about 145MB of RAM but by passing the time for example after 20 or 30 minutes it is going to take about 700MB of RAM . I really did’nt find the reason why it is doing so, please help me to solve this problem.

Try running the game in the editor for a while, and check the profiler window to see what’s using all the memory. Unity - Manual: Memory Profiler module

I’ts easiest to see when using the “Detailed” view.

When I run my game inside unity editor there is no problem , the amount of memory taken by game is constant not changing so much but when I build and run it’s exe file it is doing like so.