Why the sprite can't display?

I am learning 2D Roguelike tutorial which is one of the official tutorial.
Follow the tutorial and I have completed a few steps. When I compared the content of the display of my project with the content displayed by the teacher’s project, I found that the food sprite was not displayed. But they have been created in the scene, why is this?[122869-深度截图-20180816213216.png|122869]

It probably has something to do with your sorting layers. If every 2D sprite in your game is in the same depth (z-value) the order will be decided by instantiation, if I’m not mistaken, if the sorting layer and order in layer are the same for all of them. You can correct this by changing the sorting layer of your objects or the order in layer. For example, if you change your food order in layer to 1, it should be rendered after the floor and appear in front of it.