why this does not work (Lists)

if i put these lines of code in the script:

import System.Collections.Generic;
var boxColliderList : List.<Collider>=new List.<Collider>();

i get this error:

Unexpected Token: ..

i wanted to start using lists instead of arrays but no luck... it seems that most simplest thing is not working, like declaring a list...i am using unityscript as you can see....


cross post in unity forums: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/80203-can-someone-explain-to-me-why-this-does-not-work

">= " is interpreted as greater than or equal to. Use nicer spacing; pixels are plentiful on modern monitors. ;-)

var boxColliderList : List.<Collider> = new List.<Collider>();

Also, it's JS, so you don't need new if you don't want, and you don't need to declare the type, either.

var boxColliderList = List.<Collider>();

You need Unity 3 to be able to use generics in js/unityscript

2.6 will just throw errors at you

You have a '.' between List and < ie List.< should be List<