Why transform.localPosition is incorrect on mobile?


I got a cursor prefab in hierarchy and waypoints. Everything works fine in Editor but on mobile the cursor’s position is incorrect and jumps like on screenshot.
I tried different ways to copy the waypoint’s transform position to cursor with no luck.

_mapCursor.transform.localPosition = allChildren[GetCurrentLevel() - 1].transform.localPosition;

_mapCursor.transform.SetPositionAndRotation(allChildren[GetCurrentLevel() - 1].transform.localPosition,Quaternion.identity);

_mapCursor.transform.SetParent(allChildren[GetCurrentLevel() - 1].transform);

I checked the coordinates via Lunar Console and it seemed to be ok

Any idea what’s wrong or I missed?

I found the solution by marking active waypoint and checking it before setup cursor.
But it’s weird that previous attempt was so different on mobile comparing to Editor