Why UI objects are created so big?

I am new in Unity3D and just begun to create simple games. I wish to add some text, buttons, etc… But when I try to create those objects, the result is like this:


You see my game in a zoom very far away. There is a prefab to help me monitor FPS (it will adjust automatically) and a button that I just created. You see how big the button is, also the text is blurred. Even if I can manage to adjust the button to my game, though there is something wrong. This game is very simple and I just start to build with default settings. If every new UI element will be created like this, though will be a lot of work to build a simple control panel to my game!

What can I do to make it easy to work with UI objects?

the size is not in worldspace, and never directly remdered by camera. it’s more that you see what your making on your ui and edit it in scene… have a look at the game view how big the button is, that’s the actual reference where you see how your ui looks like