Why Unity 2D game crashes on Mobile? Help...


I have a 2D Game. The logic of game is;

  • Infinite running
  • 6 characters with sprite animation (animals)
  • Player can switch from character to character via buttons on screen
  • There is an object pool that enables some prefabs, character jumps over these prefabs
  • There is parallal scrolling at background
  • The game speeds up over time (Time.deltatime)
  • Each character has its own sound
  • There is a background music
  • Many textures (2048 x 1126) with compressed 1024

When the game becomes faster and faster, fps becomes lover (~20fps on 512 MB Mobile Device)

The statistics below is taken from unity editor. The values are too low, but why is the fps too low on mobile devices?


When the game becomes faster, from what I can tell. Is that its spawning more things at once. Which is making the game lag.
This is what I think is happening however do not hold me to it.

Reason why I say this is when I was making a game for mobile(dabbled around in it) I would spam bullets and the game would just drop dramatically.

As I said, I could be wrong, but it could also give some insight to whats going on!

Hope I helped

Take Care


draw calls are 17, And there is 0 draw calls which are saved by batching , so do one thing…

make all the sprites into one png(or 2)

just pause the game in the middle see any sprites(instantiated) are out of visibility of camera,if you have any sprites out of the camera view then you have to destroy them after they leave the camera bounds